Defending Individuals In Savannah For More Than 40 Years

For more than four decades, Attorney Bobby Phillips has represented people in Savannah and the surrounding area in serious criminal cases. During that time he has earned a reputation for being aggressive, efficient and highly successful. Now Phillips Carson & Phillips continues that tradition, giving personal attention to your legal matters.

In criminal cases, we bring our courtroom experience to bear on your behalf. Unlike many other attorneys, we are not afraid to try a case. We believe a jury is often our best weapon in your defense. We will provide an aggressive defense, whether you face misdemeanor or serious felony charges. We practice in both state and federal courts and have earned acquittals for clients in all types of criminal cases.

There is nothing so daunting or troubling to a client as the prospect of facing years and years in prison. We know what this means. We know how to prepare the best possible defense and we pledge to use our best efforts on your behalf.